The heart of any garage door system is the opener. This piece of equipment allows you to easily open or close your door. GDS Garage Door Service supplies residents of Northern UT and surrounding areas with the best openers in the industry. You can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

The Best Openers for You

GDS Garage Door Service carries the number one brand in openers, LiftMaster. Choose from the following models, what you want for your new garage door installation.

Liftmaster 8165

Value and reliability is the strength of this model. With a ½ HP motor and industrial-strength chain drive, you’ll be guaranteed of a steady performance. Ideal if you want power on a budget.

Liftmaster Jackshaft 8500

For those with limited ceiling space, this wall mounted garage door opener is for you. You can also purchase an optional power standby system for this model. This will allow it function even if the power goes out.

Liftmaster 8550Wifi

This model uses the latest technology to improve the security and convenience of owning a garage door. Packed with an integrated battery backup system, this opener will continue to function during a blackout. It also uses built-in MyQ wifi technology to allow you to open or close your garage via smartphone or computer.

Liftmaster 8355

Equipped with either a belt or chain, the Liftmaster 8355 provides quiet and smooth performance. It has a ½ HP motor and features a solid-steel T-rail with automatic belt tensioner for a more secure grip.

Liftmaster 8557

Ideal for large garage doors, this elite series model is equipped with a ¾ HP belt drive. Despite this, it delivers a smooth and quiet operation. It also features a solid-steel T-rail automatic belt tensioner, as well as push button control and light up remotes.