Spring Replacement Specialists

Springs are a core part of a garage door system. When this breaks, your door will not function well, if it will work at all. Here at GDS Garage Door Service, we specialize in fixing broken springs for garage doors. Instead of spending a lot of cash replacing the entire system, we can fix the springs and help you save money.

Free Tune-Up with Each Spring Replacement

Whenever you get one of our replacement springs, we will tune-up your door and opener at no cost. The springs we use are compatible with all brands and models so you can easily replace your old springs today.

Full Door Replacement

This package includes a new garage door, tracks, and springs. We will also take care of the removal of the old door, as well as installation of the new one. Your existing opener will be connected as well.

Making Your Opener Work like New

The opener is a critical part of a garage door system. We can help you save money by fixing your existing opener. They’ll work like they were brand new. You can also ask us for advice if you think they need to be replaced.